September 6th, 2007


How lazy can you get?

On Tuesday I dropped off a couple of bags of laundry at the laundry just around the corner from here. I needed those clean clothes yesterday so I could get dressed this morning. So yesterday afternoon I hunted for the phone number to the laundry. So I could call them to deliver the laundry.

When I dropped off the clothes I had attached scraps of paper with the address on them. In the past I have dealt with people who do not speak English well and I thought it would be simpler to write it down. They did not give me a receipt for the laundry so I did not have anything with the phone number on it. I hunted around the apartment for a stray receipt or a note with the number on it but got zilch. I remembered that the laundry name was two letters.  I did not remember what letters. I figured I could find the place by doing a search.

You might be asking about now why didn't I just go around the corner and look at it or drop by? Because that would have taken WORK. I would have to walk down those two flights of steps and then walk the short distance to the laundry. I wanted to avoid that. I also wanted to avoid having to pick it all up and haul it up the stairs. Delivery is free and I wanted to take advantage of that. Hey, in NYC I love deliveries of just about everything.

I did a search of "laundries manhattan" and "laundry upper west side manhattan" and included the street name. The only sites that had a listing of laundries only included those down in the village. Who knows why? I guess because they rely on people to enter the info and village folks are more inclined? I went to because I remembered their ads on television. Maps and stuff. I got one of those lists, incomplete. I hunted through the Not for Tourists Guide to New York City and went online to their place too, but they don't list laundries! This is a guide for people who live here or plan to live here so it seems odd. Hardware, bagels, groceries, so much more they do list but no laundries.

Finally I had a bright idea. Google Earth. It didn't take long to find it there. And call. And get the laundry.

It would have been easier to walk down, take a look, and walk back up. But I couldn't do that! What do you think I am??


Illegal! Illegal!

On our afternoon walk I had to cross Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a major avenue that never slows down. As I started across the street, Floyd stopped partway into the street and decided to drop some poop. I pulled him away and across the street. I didn't want to be standing on Amsterdam, pulling out my blue bag and collecting the poop. It just seemed too dangerous. That was my first illegal act. Maximum fine $100, if caught. I kept walking, as fast as my cranky joints would let me, on up 83rd Street.

To the post office. The last time I visited I went to this post office and waited in line for a package, carrying Floyd. And I was attacked by one of the clerks who made it more than clear that I was not showing the post office sufficient respect by bringing a dog in the lobby when there are signs all over saying "no dogs in lobby". It was not a good experience. Today was my second trip into that lobby, again carrying Floyd, tempting fate. I slid him under my right arm and made my way quietly and quickly to the post office box. Pulled out the key, got the mail, got out. Success! Illegal act no. 2.

Is it New York? Does it encourage criminal activities?


An interlude at Roosevelt Park

I wasn't so ambitious today. This morning we went first to the Theodore Roosevelt Park, which is where the Natural History Museum sits. As we headed for the dog run I saw these children playing near the fountain, in the nice morning light.

I stopped and sat on a bench to take some pictures. I saw that these three came with a woman who was hanging out on a bench, reading.  I wish I had had the guts to move to a better position, frankly. So I could get better angles.

These little scenes reminded me of a couple of pictures taken of me and my sister and brother when we were very small. A terrific LA photographer took some beautiful black-and-white photographs of us near a water fountain in a park. These won't win me any awards but I like them.

aka Otey

Otis. Otis who likes to lie in the bathroom sink. Who climbs up to see me. Who always graces the bed. Otis is a sweetheart. I call him Otey.

And he has that odd eye look.