August 30th, 2007


Too good not to share

My daughter received this email this morning from a vice president of the residential division of CityCenter:

Dear Team Member,

Making a contribution is an individual option, an individual responsibility.
Every one knows that we’re here to care for our customers, make them feel great and, in so doing, introduce them to a phenomenal residential real estate opportunity. Make a difference every day with a random act of kindness delivered with sincere interest and concern for our customers. These expressions, if performed by each of one of us each day, will have a cumulative effect on our guests’ Progressive Commitment Experiences.

Did you make your contribution yet?

Best regards,



New York

Yesterday I flew to New York. I had had very little sleep because the motel where I stayed - The Knight's Inn - was noisy and the room smelled badly of smoke (yes, it was a non-smoking room). The television did not work, and when I called the front desk about it she kept hanging up on me. Probably accidental, because she was clearly new there, but still it was irritating. And of course nothing was done about the television. What I do not get is why the place is so full of people who are loud in the middle of the night. Yes, this happens at all motels from time to time but I think it's safe to say The Knight's Inn has more than its share of partiers. And they do nothing about it.

The motel looks seedy on the outside but the first time we stayed there we had a room that wasn't bad, wasn't so seedy inside. This time the seediness carried through. There are a few features about the hotel that I like  - the little kitchen with its cheap meals, the bar (which wasn't open Tuesday night), the price. But it isn't enough. I won't stay there again.

I was quite sleepy by the time I got on the plane. I flew to Long Beach on a plane that had plenty of room. I hoped the next flight would be similarly not-full. But it's a lot to ask that a long-distance flight will be half-full. It was packed. But I managed the flight all right. I was in the last row, grateful to be near the bathrooms, and in an aisle seat. A long flight without an aisle seat would be close to agony for me. I hate to make others get up so I can go to the bathroom, so I often wait long and am deeply uncomfortable by the time I finally get up.

The leg room was sufficient. I didn't have to press my knees against the seat ahead of me. The snacks held me over, given that I hadn't been able to find a suitable lunch to bring with me on board. The flight was on time, actually early, and uneventful.

I think, though,that what really brought me through was that I was watching one of those Top Chef marathons. What can I say? I get hooked. I don't know why. There is so much not to like about that show. Oh yeah, this is JetBlue, where we each get our own television. I had a book but it wasn't a great one, and I was tired, so the television was just the ticket, and the marathon kept my thinking to the minimum. No need to change channels.

Elaine was there to pick me up in a Zip car, a red Toyota. That was cool. We got to talk on the way back, and after she returned the car and we were all together we went out to eat at an amazing restaurant the name of which escapes me. But I'll remember, I'll get it back.

When we got back to the apartment we watched Weeds together. So hysterical.

This morning E&E headed out on the train, to Toronto, for a wedding. Very cool way to travel. I took the doggie into Riverside Park for a nice walk.

From New York City

My knees are not causing me any pain right now. I'm stiff but I can handle that. So walking was nice. I hope this keeps up.