August 9th, 2007


water: part 2

I went to the city's website again today and it was up! So I hunted down the utilities department and found the latest water quality reports. I verified that the city's water is indeed treated with ozone rather than chlorine, which is why I don't smell chlorine in the shower (I used to smell it, years ago, before I got a water filter of my own, which in fact was one big reason I got the filter).

The city tests water at several tap sources throughout the city as well as at the treatment location. It always tests well above EPA levels. It appears that most of the likely contaminants are metals. I will want to print out the test results before looking at whole-house filters to be sure I get one that does what it should.

Funny thing. Paul just came in and the first thing he said was, "Did you know the city's website was down? It got hacked." Apparently he heard it on the radio.

The little things

Almost everything in my house works as advertised. A couple of things aren't quite right, though. Because of my aversion to phones, it took me a couple of weeks to make calls. Last Monday I reached the service people for the mobile home dealer, and today the person there, Judy, called back. A technician is coming today, at about nine or so, to check through the house and to repair the things I told her about: a tile broken off, a faucet that doesn't turn all the way on, and a heater I don't know how to use (at least I can't get it to turn on).

When I spoke to the salesperson yesterday to ask if there would be any action on my request for help, she asked if anybody had done a walk-through with me. I said no. And again I wondered why. Someone is not following the checklist? Or maybe there isn't a checklist. Anyway, today's the day!

Repair guy

The repair guy is here now. He got the heater going - there was an internal switch that was off. So it's blowing up a storm right now, not having been used before. I thought it would be better to get the thing rolling now rather than later, get the smells out and so on. Little bits of fluff have shown up by the vents, indicating the system was never blown through before.

He has his tools and is working on my shower faucet now. He will then repair the tile that broke off. He said that they usually come by around the tenth or eleventh month to fix anything caused by settling, like cracks in the plaster, and he said to make a note of anything I notice over time. Which, of course, is what I do. Otherwise for sure I forget.

Toonces is supervising. Making sure he does everything right.

All fixed

My three things were fixed. The heater works. The tile is replaced (looks perfect). The faucet turns all the way on. What a difference. I almost feel like taking another shower to test it out.

I just talked to the salesperson again and asked about the things I thought I had ordered but that were not installed. The carpet in the hallway was a mistake - the order to leave it vinyl didn't get to the guy in time. No biggie. The other things were not in the order. So I didn't pay for anything that I did not get. That was my concern, really. I can live with it as it is. I suggested to her that if someone orders this model again they might want a skylight or "light tube" or whatever they call it in the hallway, because it's rather dark.

It's good to resolve these little things.Otherwise they nag at me.