August 1st, 2007



My office continues to be the beast that will not be tamed. Or at least is giving me quite a run. Some of the boxes I  have opened contained a mishmash of materials that I threw in there literally years ago. At the time I assume the collection made sense. Or maybe not. One I went through yesterday and today held a sea of receipts, including some that I did take out to save (not many), plus an odd assortment of papers I had printed, mostly having to do with getting my computer to work right. I threw out most of these papers. I love it when I can throw things away.

In that pile of papers I also found the packet of medical records I had requested just before the clinic went under. I requested all of my medical history but did not get it. I doubt I will ever find out what happened to the rest of it, including records of a fairly long stretch of physical therapy for my knee. I did find a physical exam that was done in 2000 that notes the samples of migraine drugs I was given at the time. I think that was the time that I found a drug that did help to some extent, so I was hopeful. My recollection is that I was given samples of three drugs, one of which was no longer under copyright and so was cheaper. That cheaper drug worked well enough that I would be willing to get some again. Unfortunately, the record only shows two drugs, both of them still expensive (according to Maxalt mlt and Amerge. Ridiculously expensive. It appears that the cheaper drug is still waiting to be found. In any case, I will put these records where I can get to them again the next time I see a doctor.

For many months I was packing things and fearing that I would never get it all together, that it was nearly impossible to get out of that old house. But I did it. I succeeded. It's all such a mystery to me still, though. I can't take it all in.

Living next door

My next-door neighbor appears to be becoming a hoarder. I don't know what the inside of her place looks like but it's probably a bit like the storage shed and driveway. Many things. She works rather hard at sorting things and packing them but I don't see her throw away much. She's quite possessive about her lot as well, complaining about broken edging and anything that hints of change to her plants. She held up the guy who was clearing my lot, I hear, because she didn't want him to touch the side yard, even though it is on my lot. She worried that her plants would be destroyed in the process, or her edging bricks, which are about as old as Moses.

Today Gabriel, my gardener, asked if I wanted to keep a plant that was next to the street, a shrub that has been there since I have and has had many ups and downs over the years. Although it was in good condition I said no, I do not want it any more. I am more interested in plants that grow naturally,  that do not need major trimming or other work to keep up.  So he planted a nice yucca instead (I think that's what it is).

When I went out just now to pull my car back into the driveway (we've been taking them out to allow room for the landscaping trucks and wagons), she came at me with an almost-furious expression on her face.

"Did you tell that guy to take out that plant?" She pointed to the corner where that plant was.

"Yes, I did."

"You didn't want it?"

"No. Did you want it?"

"Yes. I put a lot of time into it."

I had forgotten that she had brought it back from the dead at least once. It had not occurred to me that she would want it. I'm afraid this little thing may put a chink into our relationship,which has been going very well lately.