July 31st, 2007


Just say no to Ethanol. Just say yes to paying for parking.

Once again, our esteemed leaders and the auto industry are trying to take us down the wrong path. Corn ethanol is a bad solution to our addiction to oil.

Take a look at Co-op America's page on the subject. Sign the petition to GM and Ford, and tell your local dealers to urge the company to do the right thing: make plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. Also tell your congressional lawmakers to require more fuel-efficiency in future cars. Not in ten years.  Now.

Of course, a change to more fuel-efficient vehicles only goes partway to solving our climate and congestion issues. We spend an incredible amount of money on our roads and parking lots and the real solution is to get people out of their cars and reclaim some of that lost land. We shouldn't assume that vehicle use will just keep climbing.We need to take active steps to reverse that trend. One way to do this is to start charging for parking! Check out this neat little powerpoint presentation by Donald Shoup, author of The High Cost of Free Parking. If the powerpoint file interests you you might want to get the book. It's amazingly readable and often funny, especially considering that it is entirely about parking.


It is time I changed something.

A while back I set up some email addresses for my sister Cathy. To make sure they were working correctly I had one of them forwarded to my email address. I have been getting copies of those emails ever since.

Why haven't I stopped the forwarding? I don't have a good answer. I usually just delete all mail that is sent to that address, without reading it.

Today, though, there was an email from Cathy's daughter, and it sounded like something I might have gotten from one of my daughters. Cathy and I have laughed about these things,  these daughter things, and now I have a kind of proof of the similarities. Not that I will do anything about it. It was eavesdropping. It's time to stop.