July 25th, 2007


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Stretch is not accepting his fellow felines. He hisses and growls at them. He does accept me. He climbs on my lap and settles down. He also finds Paul and accepts his attention.

It's hard to believe he's back.

Saving Grace

I like Holly Hunter. So I watched her in the new program, Saving Grace, last night. We had recorded it.

It is the worst kind of cliche. Hunter plays a cop who lacks morals. Has sex with a married man, drinks too much, drives while drunk, gets into fights. All, it seems,because she isn't grounded in religion, because she doesn't believe in God. After a particularly bad moment she says "God help me," and whaddaya know, there's an angel waiting to help her find her God.

Hunter is a terrific actress. She's no longer young. I wish I could enjoy this show but I can't. This show exploits common beliefs: that people who don't believe in God have no sense of right or wrong, that people who don't believe in God do so because they have for some reason "lost their faith". We do not need any more of this kind of misguided claptrap. It is insulting.

I sat watching it last night with Paul, who does in fact believe in God but has the sense to know that this belief is not what makes a good person. Yet he was willing to accept the show far more readily than I. To me it is not so different from Michael Landon's version of angels, and no better. In fact, because Hunter's character is more fun to watch, it may be more insidiously damaging.