July 21st, 2007


Off again

Holy Ikea! I'm going out of town again! But this time only for one night. I am packing a soft collapsible tote-type bag that zips closed, and THAT'S IT. I am not even bringing my laptop! Can you imagine my nerve? It's boggling.

Lately here at home I have been buying and assembling. The buying part is somewhat fun, not a whole lot because I'm not much of a shopper, but the assembling, well, that's just a bundle. Today I put together a literature-type rack from Costco. It's metal and looks like a double stack of in-boxes, six high (12 total). I am going to use it to keep the different types of papers sorted out and to store some things. Putting it together was not too bad except for one part, when the inner levels kept sliding down before I had a chance to connect them to the side (you had to be there). When I finally mastered the thing and got the final pieces in it was quite sturdy. It's in the closet of my new office, my office supply station, first entry.

I also picked up my new cover set for my futon. It includes the futon cover, two square pillows, and two of those cylinder-shaped pillows you put on the sides to serve as temporary arms. In my case, all red, all microfiber. The cover zips open, three sides. You might think that would make it easy to put on. Think again. Futons are heavy. Dead weight. I finally did it, though, and it looks ever so snazzy:

Tomorrow it is Ikea time. I hope to announce here that I have a lot more assembling to do when I get back.