July 1st, 2007


We interrupt this trip for...Look at me now, ma, Look at me now!!!

Again, thanks to neighbor Doug:

There are a couple of things off: the house is sited closer to the street than shown on my plan, the approved plan, and the back stairway is not as I intended and showed on my plan. I reminded the salesperson more than once that these things were changing and my plan showed the latest orientation but it looks like the contractor is using an older plan. I doubt I can do anything about it but it is frustrating to have this happen when I tried hard to prevent it.

Still, it looks good otherwise. The landscaping will have to change because there isn't as much room as planned in front, unfortunately. I hope the contractor - the landscape contractor - can come up with some changes that will punch it up, make the best of what's there.

OtRwC Day 21!! Part 1: Bryce

Last Friday Elaine and I left Best Friends and drove to Bryce Canyon National Park. We got there not long after noon (it's only 75 miles from Best Friends). Our cabin wasn't ready yet so we went on the scenic drive, stopping at viewpoints several times on the way back to the lodge. Later, after we checked into our cabin, we joined a group led by Ranger Barbara in a walk from Sunset Point to Sunrise Point, about a half-mile walk complete with instruction in differentiating among evergreens and the story of the hoodoos.

Bryce is so incredibly beautiful that no pictures truly do it justice. Nevertheless, I did as millions of others have done and took many pictures. You can see a few:

Bryce Canyon National Park

All of this beauty is easy easy easy to get to also. No pain but much gain. After our night in our wonderful cabin I walked again to the edge - the rim - to take early morning shots. I wasn't as early as I should have been. Still, I took more pictures (I don't have them in the online album just yet) and I even walked down into the canyon a bit.

I want to come back again, spend more time, get up earlier, hike down further, take more pix. This park has left a permanent impression on me, one of incredible beauty and wonder.