June 27th, 2007


OtRwC Day 17, Part 1: Zion

Kanab is strategically located near the "Big Three": Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon (north rim). It is also close to the Grand Staircase and other amazing scenic wonders. Kanab itself and its outlying areas, like the Best Friends property, looks like it is set in the middle of a Zion on a smaller scale.

One can stay in Kanab and take day trips to these parks easily. So that's what we are doing. Our first was Zion, on Monday.

Zion is the closest, about 30 miles from Best Friends. That distance got us to the east entrance, which is not the main entrance to the park so is less crowded. Clearly it is no less beautiful.

Not far from the East Entrance  Collapse )

OtRwC Day 17, Part 2: Bullet

Bullet is doing well in the cottage. He has the run of the place during the day but stays mostly on my bed, napping. At night he rests up from his stenuous activities by sleeping next to me. When I am here in the cottage - free wireless! - he usually seeks me out, lies on my lap, kneads, purrs. Right now I am his only connection with his home so he's sticking close.

In other news: cell phone reception is all but nonexistent. I have no idea if I have any voice messages or if anyone has tried to call me these last couple of days. Elaine's phone is doing a little better: sometimes when we are out she can get bars.

OtRwC Day 17, Part 3: It's for the birds

Yesterday Elaine and I volunteered with the birds. Today Elaine went to the bunnies and I went back to the birds. Neither of us knew what kinds of birds, how many, what was up with this group, and in fact I wasn't particularly excited about going there. I had visions of an aviary with birds flying around and me cleaning shit off my clothing.

It didn't quite work out that way. Turns out the birds are separated into cages, one, two, maybe three of the big ones in a cage, larger bunches of cockatiels and other smaller birds. There are indoor cages and outdoor cages. During the warmer months the big guys are moved from the indoor to the outdoor cages every morning, so they can bask in the filtered sun for most of the day. They are moved back in the late afternoon. In the winter they have to stay inside the whole time, unless there is a window of warmth, in which case they get taken out for short periods.

The majority of the birds are varieties of parrots.

But I get ahead of myself. Let's enter the building. Collapse )