June 15th, 2007


OtRwC Day 4, Part 4: New Cuyama Too

My room at the Buckhorn:

King size bed.

The counter and closet. The television offers several snowy pictures and not much else.

The bathroom. When I flushed the toilet water started spurting through the top. I took the lid off and pushed the hose back where it belonged.

Only one light works in the bedroom and one in the bathroom.

So there isn't much television watching I can do here. Reading is going to be tricky unless I fix one of the lights. I didn't come here to  be in a motel like every other one, anyway. This room is rather classic, after all.

After I brought Bullet in I went out for a little look-see, took the town in. My first step in finding out what this town is about.


OtRwC Day5, Part 1: New Cuyama residents and residences

Yesterday afternoon, in the heat of the day, I cruised the streets of New Cuyama. No other cars were buzzing around; all was still except for occasional service trucks. I was able to stop anywhere, roll down a window, and take what pictures I wanted, and never be in anyone's way. This is a very odd situation in California.

The homes are modest:

This particular design was repeated often, with varying finishes and orientation.

Several of the homes nearer to the highway had RVs in the front. This one looks like it's being lived in.

This one is for sale: $175,000. Two bedrooms, converted from three. There were also a couple of new homes:

which suggests that no place in California is immune to developer fever. It's just two homes right now; if I come back and see the field behind them full of new homes I'm going to freak out.

I drove to the southerly edge of town and saw this:

This field is near a place called a "service center", as a recall. There are signs pointing out that it's private property and it advertises tires and other mechanical equipment. I read somewhere that New Cuyama was started to support oil fields or something like that. I think I need to look that up.

In this small town I saw three churches:


access limited

Last night I had a phone in my motel room in New Cuyama but I found no way to get an outside line. I asked two people who work there and they both said they thought dialing 9 worked but that was a while ago. And it didn't work. I tried every possible combination except, obviously, the right one.

In the process of trying to save my entries I lost one entirely. I will attempt to recreate it later! When I am comfortably tucked into my Mojave Motel 6.

Right now I am in a combination theater and cafe in BAkersfield. It is just the coolest place. I love it. Now I know there is a place in Bakersfield I can like.  Oh yeah, free wireless too.

OtRwC Day 5, Part 2: Catching up

I didn't go look at my lot on Monday. I was embarrassed. Tuesday, though, I did go, and then Wednesday, and finally Thursday, the day I actually left town (aka Day 4). I wrote up the trip, from SLO to New Cuyama, and then erased the whole thing when I was saving these posts for later. So now I catch up.

It's hard to believe it was just yesterday! Collapse )