June 13th, 2007


OtRwC Day 3, Part 1: Nesting

I have moved in.

My coffee maker, grinder, bag o' beans

Cat cupboard

Clothes cupboard

Hanging clothes; black thing at the end is concert outfit.

Motel 6's new furniture has no drawers. I guess they got tired of people leaving things in them. No Gideon bibles either. Just a phone book. So everything I'm using is on display.

Too bad I just have one more day and then I have to move out! Again!

Stumbling with dialup

Several of the StumbleUpon pages I come across feature flash or Quicktime movies. My dialup connection doesn't like these. It will get them to me if I wait long enough but I do not have that patience. I would rather move on.

I wonder if these folks ever ever think of that shrinking minority that still has only dialup available.

OtRwC Day 3, Part 3: concert time

Last night we rehearsed in the Performing Arts Center. Because the concert has been sold out for months, family and friends who couldn't get tickets could come to the rehearsal. And they did. They were sprinkled all over the center. I took these pix during the break.

The stage with parts of the orchestra up front, some chorale members waiting in back.

Some of our loyal fans

The center of attention, the new pipe organ, is that gleaming golden thing on the upper left.  It sounds beautiful. Mellow and rich, the tones beautifully proportioned to the space.

The rehearsal went well. I love the music we are singing, the Durufle Requiem (Durufle was an organist), and I think it comes across well in that hall. It's impossible to tell from where I am, but there were designated listeners in the audience who let Tom know what was working and what wasn't.

Tonight is the real thing. The hall will be full, which is wonderful. I'm not especially looking forward to the long night but I know the music ahead of our part will be beautiful and I will enjoy listening to it from inside the bowels of backstage. And I am sure we will do well with the requiem. I'm just not a night person. I'll be glad to get back to bed.