June 7th, 2007


Saying goodby to the fridge

My refrigerator is leaving me Saturday morning. I advertised it on craigslist for $50. I said okay to the first person to respond, which is what I usually do. She seems to be hooked up with several other people, one of whom called just now to arrange a time to pick it up. He didn't know the size of the refrigerator and didn't have a ramp or anything to move it with. I got a little irritated because I was very clear in my ad - I gave dimensions, included pictures, and I said the moving is all on the buyer, I can't supply anything. Ryan said, "um...do you have any wood?" I said no.

Another person wrote (among others), interested in the fridge, asking if I could sell it for less because she was a poor student. I almost barfed, honestly. Most of the students in this county are far from starving, although I realize there are a few really struggling. Still, I had priced this beautiful energy-efficient refrigerator, for which I paid over $600 about 10 years ago, which is in perfect condition, well below what I could have gotten for it. But it seems someone always wants it for less. I am insulted when they do and I often tell them so. In fact, I first offered the fridge to any nonprofit that could use it, like a homeless shelter, but got no takers for that, but someone said "I'm not a nonprofit but I can give you $20 for it". As if that would sway me.

I give so much away and of course these folks do not know this. But they should realize when a deal is a good one and not try to make it even better. That's just wrong.