April 26th, 2007


Another trip

I'm off to Las Vegas again today. Short trip, staying in three different places. Tonight I'll stay at my usual Motel 6 in Mojave, so that I can arrive in Las Vegas in the morning Friday. Friday night I stay in Joey's room in mary's new home. Saturday Mary competes in the women's triathlon there, at Lake Las Vegas. That night we stay - the two of us, maybe Joey too - at Green Valley Ranch, relaxing. Good place to do that. Sunday I hang with Mary and then drive home, possibly stopping at the same Motel 6 that night.

I like to travel but then again I don't. I do not know how to reconcile the pluses and minuses so that I see mainly pluses, but I suppose I have just about done that anyway, or I wouldn't travel at all.

Oh, and let's remember: we remember the last day. If it's a good one then we feel the whole trip was good. If it goes badly it colors the whole time. At least that's the way most of our minds work. I wonder if by knowing this we can adjust it.