April 14th, 2007


Google, oh Google...

I just read that Google acquired DoubleClick, the most pervasive popup creator out there. DoubleClick is evil. My spyware programs are forever tossing its goods into the garbage.

I want to like Google. It's getting harder and harder.


I just finished reading Back When We Were Grownups, by Anne Tyler. Another "accidental" purchase through QPB. The main character in the book is Rebecca, who begins the book by wondering how she got to be where she is and what happened to the life she was supposed to lead. In the book, Rebecca eventually reconnects to her boyhood boyfriend Will, and finds that maybe she is "too large" for him. Not physically, although she is a large, soft, well-rounded woman. But she is more outgoing, more enthusiastic, more embracing of life in general.

Sometimes I feel this way about myself, although "outgoing" is not a term that describes me. I feel that there is too much of me for some people I know. It isn't an even match, if you want to look at it as a competition. I feel, when in the presence of such souls, that I have to step lightly and put a hold on my ever-arching bigness.

This sounds perhaps a bit conceited, and maybe it is. The flip side is that such bigness is not easy for many others to take.


Sometimes I just futz around online, and since I started using StumbleUpon I come upon some good stuff. Today I found a page on coffee making that I found quite fascinating. Those of us who likes us our coffees often want to make some good espresso at home. On David Lebovitz's blog you can learn how, in incredible detail.

Makes me want to consume more, unfortunately. More machines and more coffee drinks. But for now I'll do it vicariously.


I am often impatient and unwilling to put the time in to writing really well, even on subjects I know well. Today I came across a site that is everything, in that sense, that I would like to be. It is The Jewish Atheist, a site for people who live moral lives without a higher power. The author writes well, writes thoughtfully and with compassion for all. It is really a joy to read. In fact, I nominated it for "Best Educational Blog" as well as for "Blogitzer" (best writing) on Bloggers' Choice Awards.

I also nominated my own blog (THIS one) for the Blogitzer award. Well, hey, there weren't any other categories I could even hope to enter.