April 2nd, 2007


Pet food recall expands

Those of us with companion animals (I think that's most of us) are worried about the pet food recalls. What is especially of concern to me is that most of the brands under recall are high-quality brands, or at least we believed they were. Right now I have a bag of Nutro Natural Choice cat food in my kitchen - almost empty - and Nutro has several pet foods recalled. Not this particular bag. 

As my daughter Elaine notes in her extensive list and coverage of this topic, the best bet right now is to purchase human-quality pet foods. If you go organic that seems an additional safety precaution, so she recommends Newman's organic pet food. I'll be leaving to get some soon.

I have watched a small cat suffer and die from kidney failure. That's the primary death we are seeing with these pet foods. I don't ever want to see that again.

And I ask why? Why these brands? Why now? Have we missed previous recalls? Has something changed?