March 15th, 2007


Fitful sleep

I went to bed after 11 pm, past my usual time. But I couldn't sleep. I think I may have gotten three or four winks in before I was awake again and trying to find a comfortable position. It was cold and my comforter wasn't doing the job. When I am cold my body keeps tense, trying to warm itself, and my hope of sleep goes away. (I often think of those in atrocious conditions, like the people on the trains to death camps or the prisoners in Guantanamo and I can't help but think about comfort. How little they had or have, how much I have.)

Finally I got up, turned the heat a bit up, closed the window in the rear door (I had opened it because it was hot the day before yesterday), and thought about making a post to 2000 bloggers. I have contracted for the Thursday "open thread", meaning I write a short, upbeat piece that includes at least one link to one of the blogs in the group (there aren't 2000 yet, by the way; if you want to join, it isn't difficult, only two restrictions), and make the post open-ended, inviting responses. I went there and wrote the post, so now I don't have to dwell on it while lying in bed.

And here I am at the computer. It's after four in the morning. I had this thought of getting going early and weed-eating the front yard...maybe I won't be at it as early as I'd hoped.

Weed whack weekday

I did get out there to hit the weeds this morning. Late. And it isn't done yet. I am recording the changes on my camera, which is set up on a tripod across the street. Yeah, my new lovely tripod. Unfortunately, only one green waste container is available and it's full. Someone has the others. Really annoying. I don't want to put that in the dumpster. It makes me ill to do that.

The lack of sleep has made me groggy and headachey. I am surprised, though, at how well other parts of my body are doing. My knees in particular. My back hurts a little, but I attribute that more to my weight than anything else.  Because of the headache and back ache I took a couple of tylenol arthritis tablets just now. It's hot out there, too.

The joys of yard work

I did what I set out to do. There is much more that could be done but my aim was to get the layers down, to "flatten" the yard a bit. I grabbed a large cardboard box and used it as a yard waste container, leaving it next to the full one in the waste area.

It seemed that my body handled it better than it has in the past. I was able to charge on through without suffering pain my my knees, and now that I am back inside I don't feel any after effects either. I suspect the tylenol helped there, but I did the work without it, only took it after.

I put together the pix I took into a little movie. It isnt' finished, it isn't all that good, but it's okay. A learning experience.