March 12th, 2007


Life in the prolific lane

I am now on the list of most prolific bloggers. I currently own space number nine. I might be edged out but it may take a while. The list is hardly all-inclusive, as there is no scientific way to reach every blogger out there and give them a chance to get on the list. Nevertheless, I take my presence there as a sign of something. Not sure what, yet. But I feel inclined to post more and more in here, more than I usually do.

This is post number 4002, by the way.


The beauty of things well-made

My daughter Mary asked me, a week or so ago, if I had received my birthday gift from her yet. She had ordered it in January. I said no. She said she ordered it through Amazon and did not know what happened to it. I said she can track Amazon orders online. She asked if I would check it for her, and said "It's something for your camera, from your wish list".

I logged in as Mary and checked her orders. Yes, it was something for my camera. It also had just been shipped, on March 2. About six weeks after it was ordered. Mary doesn't think to check projected shipment dates, probably because most Amazon orders get out fast. In this case, no.

The item she bought for me is a "head" for a professional tripod. I had put both the tripod and the head on my wish list because I wanted a good tripod and the best ones come in two parts: the legs and the head. Mary bought me the head (not even knowing what it was) but I did not yet have the legs. So I ordered them! Mary's purchase gave me the excuse to fork over the money.

Today the tripod arrived. The head is in Bell, CA, which I suspect means it will get here in a day or two.  I pulled the tripod out and set it up. It's a beautiful thing. The legs open smoothly, it reaches eye-level (none of my amateur tripods does that), there is a level on it, it is strong and sturdy and beautifully crafted and just a joy to touch and look at. I realized when I touched it just how much I love things that are beautifully and well-made, that are well-designed and carefully put together.

I am looking forward to packing up my equipment and heading out into the countryside some afternoon, setting up the tripod and just staying there. I may want to bring a folding chair as well. Perhaps a place where the tripod will be of great value, like a creek, or a view of vehicles from on high. Even the sky, at night.