February 22nd, 2007

cat, Stretch

Thief in the night

Last night I went to sleep without any animals in the bed. This was a first, and I do not know why they did not at least start the night with me. I woke in the middle of the night and heard Floyd bark. Once. Then he was quiet. I called out but he did not come. I groggily thought about the thief who was in the house who was going to kill me. I thought, "This is how it ends," and imagined Elaine and Ed coming upon my bloody body in the bed...and the animals clambering for food...

Well, obviously I didn't think there really was a person in the apartment. I think if I had I would have slid off the bed, at least. My physical skills being almost nonexistent, I wouldn't consider attacking this person, but just hiding somehow.

I heard Floyd bark again, figured he had just heard someone outside, and fell back asleep. I had taken some tylenol pm last night, so sleep came easily.

This morning I got up, unmolested by animals (another first), and made my way into the kitchen. Where, on the floor, I saw the remains. Of a loaf of unsliced whole wheat bread I bought last night. Floyd was guarding it as his territory, and he had taken some goodly bites from it. I put it in the trash. Not long after that, Floyd led me to his little pile of poop. I guess the fiber worked a little too fast for his little system.

The Thief

parking space reservations

I decided to do what some others on 2k Bloggers have done: get to know my neighbors. I found a guy whose pic is to the left of my pic, and went to his blog. One of his posts mentioned a site that auctions parking spaces.

The site is spotscout. I read the "how it works" section not because I am looking for parking spaces (I am not using a car here in NYC) but because I am interested in parking innovations. The site allows you to register and then reserve a space, either on your PC or on your mobile device (a bit problematic when you consider many people might be doing this while driving). These spaces would typically be in a private garage or someone's driveway. The site shows you the distance from your destination in walking time, the type space, and other features of the spot, as well as the price. Thus if you need a space for 2:15 pm today, you can reserve it now.

The part that's a bit iffy is the "selling" of on-street spaces. These are public spaces and are therefore available to whoever gets there first. But a person who has secured one may "sell" his or her leaving time, so another car can be lined up, ready to take it. Just say no to this one. There are too many variables. The arriving car may get there early (probably would want to) and may be holding up traffic, waiting for the departing car to depart. Another car may get there first, one who is not signed up with spotscout. It's problematic. But the other part, the reservation of off-street spaces, this I like. It makes maximum use of available spaces, and offers them at the going rate. When you consider there are, as a conservative estimate, seven spaces for every vehicle in the US, you can see that what we need is not more spaces but better management of those we have, and prices that match the value. So I say yeah! to this part of the program.