February 21st, 2007


Bravo shows

Seems like when I visit either daughter and there is a Bravo marathon going on I get into it. These are the "competition" marathons: Top Design, Project Runway, Top Chef... It's easy to see the theme in these shows. Although many people try out and only a small number get chosen to do the competition, nevertheless that small number is a group of "untested" young people. To call any of them a "top chef" or "top designer" or top anything is inappropriate. The formats are similar, too, in an irritating kind of way. The competitors are put through their paces by being challenged to produce strange things in an unrealistic amount of time, which doesn't really reflect the real world. The judges are full of themselves. To add drama, the decisions are drawn out, with the rules repeated endlessly. If I felt inspired and more awake I could be more specific. The question is, why do I keep watching?