February 2nd, 2007


Makeover Decade

When I was about to turn fifty, I realized that from here on, if I didn't do what I wanted to do I would never do it. So I set about doing things I had put off for years. I have lived with that vision for over ten years now, and now it seems like I am entering a different phase. This is the Makeover Decade.

I am making over my physical health by following a program designed for those with arthritis (see my arthritis blog). I am making over my home life by replacing my current dog of a home with something that may be really decent. I am making over my financial life by following a program in the book Pay It Down!.  That blog is in its infancy.

Common wisdom says don't try to do too much at once because you are sure to fail. I am doing all of this carefully. More accurately, I am doing it slowly, not necessarily carefully. heh.