January 23rd, 2007


iPOD shuffle

My dear daughter Elaine and her hubby Ed gave me an iPOD shuffle for my birthday. Woooooo!! I got her synced up and loaded some things I had previously downloaded and am now listening. And what a pleasure it is!

Of course my choices of items to download may be a little different from most. The first thing I listened to was LSAT Logic in Everyday Life, a podcast by some folks at Princeton. Just the ticket! Now I'm listening to an ethics podcast. The nice thing about podcasts is that they arrive in my iTunes program whenever a new podcast is broadcast. I don't have to do anything but load it into my Shuffle. And what are some of the other podcasts available? This American Life!

Oh yeah, I hear you can load music into this too...

(no subject)

My friend Steve Lowe died yesterday. He was having trouble breathing and drove himself to the hospital. His sister got a call from the sheriff - he died at the hospital.

Steve was about my age and I expected to have many more good times with him. He was the owner of the Lautner motel, my father's design, and my friend dorothy and I went there for a yearly retreat because we loved it so much.

I haven't quite absorbed it. So unexpected. I am so sad.