January 20th, 2007


Thoughts from a book

My surprise reading today is Walter Mosley's Cinnamon Kiss.  It's another book that came from a friend, that I did not pick out. What a nice surprise it has turned out to be. It's genre fiction - mystery - so it's easy reading, but it's in the upper levels of that category.

One thing that makes it stand out is that Mosley lets his own feelings show. Including this:

There are all kinds of freedom in America - free speech, the right to bear arms - but when the years have piled up so high on their back that they can't stand up straight anymore, many Americans find out they also have the freedom to starve.
As I thought about it and how much I wanted to include it in a post, I remembered my Toastmaster days. One time, when I was scheduled to give a speech, perhaps my fifth or sixth, one of my fellow toastmasters asked, "Is this going to be another tearjerker?" I guess I do have a tendency that way.