January 15th, 2007



My new kitty continues to perform. In my thinned-down house (albeit still third-world) he finds little objects to play with and chases them fervently. He went into the laundry area, jumped on top of the dryer, and knocked down the plastic soap measure. He has carried and chased that little cup all over the house. He will drop it and later pick it up and carry it around. I'm thinking his ancestors must have been great hunters, given his all-out dedication to the task. He himself, probably not so much a great hunter because he's stuck in kittenhood and would as soon attack a set of toes as any kind of real prey.

The other two cats are still around. We put a cat feeder outside so they'd at least have a place to come for food regularly, but they have become more and more distant. Neither Paul nor I can catch either one of them now. I have never had this happen before, with friendly, domesticated cats. There is something about this hunter-player that has gotten to them. I have thought of a few possible actions:

Borrow a trap and capture them that way.
Send little Temp kitty away for a week or so.

Of the two, the second seems better, yet I do not know what I would do with the kitty. A better solution would be to find a different home for him. I adore the little guy but he does adjust to new environments easily so could be very happy elsewhere. I am seriously considering how to go about this - and thinking that a home with a small dog would be just the ticket. He loved playing with Floyd. They were instant friends. Maybe he thinks he is a dog, too, and so do the other cats.