November 23rd, 2006


cheesecake day

The first cheesecake is in the fridge. I neglected to put both whipped topping containers in the fridge last night, so now I have to wait a few hours for the second container to defrost before I make the second one. Works fine - I plan to give the first one to the neighbors, and it should be firmed up nicely in a couple of hours, which will be a good time to deliver it.

Soon I will start the soup. I have a beautiful new cookbook (I have a ton of cookbooks but I can't resist more) that thinks the way i do. I think I will enjoy making the soup from that recipe. One nice little step at a time,  no hurrying.

I grew up cooking. I took over the family shopping and meals by the time I was in seventh grade. I did not use cake mixes or take shortcuts. I still feel a little funny making things like this short-cut cheesecake. I would have been horrified to consider it back then.  In fact, making a cheesecake with cream cheese instead of ricotta and cottage cheese would have horrified me. I still prefer the German type, with ricotta.

A lot has changed, though, in the way I cook. My horizons have perhaps both expanded and shrunk.