November 9th, 2006



I am getting sweaty these days. I think it's mostly the high humidity in the air. Yesterday it rained all day; other days it was just moist. The radiator system here keeps the rooms warm even when you don't have them turned on...heat I often go to sleep with hardly any cover, yet still wake up feeling sweaty. I am dripping right now, as I sit here.

Elaine and Ed return tonight! Yay! I haven't really done anything this week other than walk the dog. Seems a shame, yet that is what I felt like doing. Or not doing. I also took pix on the way and read two books, both of which I released on the streets of New York. When E&E return, maybe we will do a little something, don't know what. 

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Tonight's meal: a vegetarian casserole, delish, Italian, more than I could finish, plus a side salad, decent (romaine), a multi-grain roll, and a real egg cream (had to) and a real NY cheesecake (had to). All delivered in less than a half hour. I have been to heaven.