November 4th, 2006


The invisible dogwalker

I was ignored at two restaurants today. Specifically, at their outdoor eating areas. I just sat down at the first one and waited, hoping someone inside would see me, but they did not. At the second one, I held Floyd in my arms as I opened the door and looked for a worker inside. When I had someone's attention I gestured to the outside and said, "Okay to eat outside?" and she nodded yes. But I guess that meant that it would be okay if I put the dog somewhere and came inside to order, because nobody came outside to take my order. I am clearly not aggressive enough, but I also need to make sure I go to places where there are already people eating outside. I can't leave Floyd tied up while I go inside to order or get someone's attention.

So now I am thinking I will order something to be delivered here. Almost anything in the neighborhood can be delivered but you have to know the phone number and what you want to order. E&E have a small selection of menus for this purpose, so I will choose from those. I look longingly at the grocery markets, where I cannot go with a dog. I have to think hard about making extra trips down and up those stairs for that purpose - without the dog.

Tomorrow is the NY Marathon. It goes through all five boroughs, just touching some of them, and ends in Central Park. I might put the Floydster in daycare tomorrow morning and go to Central Park to see them come in. I might. I am thinking hard about it because of the crowds.