October 21st, 2006


breast cancer

My daughter has written a good entry on the pink campaign. I have long been concerned that so much advertising and promotion goes into this campaign, when so little of the proceeds go towards cancer PREVENTION. Apparently (we really haven't talked that much about it) Elaine agrees:

http://blog.elainevigneault.com/ - friday, Oct 20

I think it takes some guts to say "think before you pink". But I'm on record now, along with Elaine. You can put your money in better places. Please understand, of course, that this does not mean that I think breast cancer is a walk in the park. My concern is for prevention, for finding and limiting the causes. If we don't focus on this end of the battle we are simply supplying the huge breast cancer industry with a lot of money to keep themselves afloat and not doing shit to reduce the causes.