October 7th, 2006


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I've not been checking livejournal either to write my own notes or to read others' for a while now. Just the occasional thought, in and out. I've been pretty lazy, although I have gotten some stuff done here and there. Taking runs at things sporadically.

I called the piano man and he's coming out next Wednesday to tune and otherwise fix the studio piano, do what is needed. Then I will sell it. I have gone back and forth on this. Someone told me not long ago - yes, my friend Phyllis - that her mother had not let go of her piano for many years simply because she did not know what furniture to put in its place. It's not that way for me. Like most musicians I attach a value to this instrument that perhaps goes beyond dollars. Well, hell, yes, of course. But what reason do I have for two pianos? I am not a great pianist. I don't have musical evenings. It's absurd and I should have realized that long ago. So now, if I can get a decent price for it, the piano may furnish my new house.

And about that. I still have not been able to order the house. The last thing was an appraisal. The lender wouldnt loan what I need without an appraisal. The appraiser told the sales people that he did not see any problem, and I don't either, but it's just another delay and I want to know everything. With any luck I'll know more next Monday.

I have also offered two more empty bookcases to someone I have given other things to, through freecycle. Her husband will come by next Tuesday to pick them up, to hoist them atop his ailing car, tie them down, then drive to California City. It sounds like a horrifying trip to me but maybe I've lost some of that particular brand of adventurism.

I like watching my place empty like this.