September 7th, 2006



Between freecycle and bookcrossing I have sent many things on their way to new owners, with minimum fuss. Of course the added benefit is that I feel good when someone gains by my efforts, and when that someone is not an anonymous thrift shop, although I have given a ton of stuff to thrift shops as well. I put the small stuff, the things that are not likely to be worth a trip to my house to pick up, in the thrift shop bags. It's actually something of a guessing game. I imagine how an item will be treated at a thrift shop and then decide what to do with it. If it's tough enough and can survive the journey and not particularly specialized I usually give it to the thrift shop.

It's been a great relief to have the option of freecycle and to watch the indoors slim down. Today a freecycler took away an end table. Soon more bookcases will go. I am thinking I'll get rid of one couch, then later the other one.

The paperwork doesn't go anywhere unless I toss it or file it, though. Paper is the hardest thing to get rid of.

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The landscape person is coming over this aft. I'll ask her if we can get an estimate from an installer too, and then we'll be in business. Ready to order!