August 10th, 2006


Turning point

I bought a new vacuum cleaner today. I wanted to get my other one repaired, because it's a decent vacuum, but there are no repair shops in town and I knew it would take a while and I wanted - needed - one that worked well today. So I went to to see what the top vacuums were, printed out the short report, checked prices at a couple of places, then found what I wanted at Best Buy. I think the vacuum is not as good as my old one, in quality, but it does a nice job sucking things up. I am now considering offering the old one on freecycle. I admit I hesitate because I think it's a fine machine. But I think I'll be offering it very soon.

After I put the new one together (not too hard, not much that had to be attached) I vacuumed the living room. It has been SO long since it's been done. My mother used to say that if the floor is clean the rest of the place doesn't look so bad but if the floor isn't clean there is no hope. I think she was right about that.

After vacuuming I packed more books in boxes and loaded up a chair with books I plan to give away. When I look around now it seems POSSIBLE. I can do this. Not that there isn't still a helluva lot to do, but I feel like it will happen.

James came by, noticed the changes. I told him the books on the chair are to be given away and to take any that interest him. He took about five, leaving still quite a number. But it's a help.

I bought a pad of graph paper, four squares to the inch, 11 X 17. A perfect size to lay out my new home all on one sheet. So I did that, 1/4" = 1'. I cut out paper piano, book cases, a bed, a table, an entertainment center, a couch. I am trying to work things out. Right now I am considering putting the piano in my bedroom! It sounds truly weird but there are some things to recommend it: my new bedroom will be a lot larger than my present one, and it can actually fit, along with the bed and some bookcases. I don't expect to be performing. But I do expect to be playing. So what the hell, why not? I'm going to run the idea by my daughters. They may be horrified.

Tomorrow Elaine and Ed come back again. They've been in Santa Barbara since yesterday. Elaine planned to go on a cool sailboat cruise for Ed's birthday tonight, sunset. What a lovely idea. So I expect to see them perhaps early afternoon. I should have enough more packed up to make another trip to the storage building worth while.


The screaming at the pool has just about finished me. Constant, high-pitched, fever-level, mainly just one person, one young woman. Why is it that nobody in her group has suggested that she tone it down a little? It's really making me nuts.