July 29th, 2006


Almost perfect

A loan company approved a loan for me, to purchase a new mobile home. The home will replace the one that is here now, in this space in a park. No, I don't own the land. Doesn't matter. If I put the home in this space it will grow in value quickly. That is, as mobile homes go.

It takes four to six weeks to get the home once it's ordered, and then another three or four to install it and hook everything up. I don't have the down payment yet so I haven't ordered it, but will likely have that at the end of August.

Here's the thing. This means I have August and September and probably part of October too to pack all this shit up and get it out of here and into a storage place. Obviously I have to live here during that time, too, although I have to stay elsewhere while this piece of shit is hauled off and the new one put in. How many times do we find ourselves with no pressing engagements for weeks and weeks when we have to move? That is, how often does a person have eight weeks to pack up?? Without having to go to work??

It really is a good situation. I called on freecycle for boxes and picked up two loads of them using Paul's truck. I also picked up some newsprint paper (unprinted) that a freecycler had accumulated for packing breakable items. I have committed myself to packing three boxes a day, of whatever size. If I stick to this, then that's 3 X 7 X 8 = 168 boxes I might have packed by the time I walk out of this place for the last time. There are quite a number of packed, labeled boxes on the front porch already. I put my name on a waiting list at a nearby ministorage. When there is an opening I'll snag it and start hauling truckloads there. In the meantime it's just as well that I don't have it because I dno't have a truck full yet.

But that's not all. Mary is going to come here for three days to help pack. She's young and energetic and strong. A lot is likely to get done then, which will be in about two weeks. I should have made some serious inroads by then.

I have to admit I am not as energetic as I'd like and I get tired and my knee hurts and so on, so I don't even begin to overdo.

One more thing I am doing. Mary and I committed ourselves to 30 minutes a day organizing.We agree on what we will organize and we tell each other how it went each day. Two days and I have made good progress in the kitchen, combining organizing with packing. Perhaps especially important is that I have gotten rid of quite a lot of stuff in the process and expect to do a lot more of that.

All good.

The only thing left is for me to keep feeling good about it all.