July 8th, 2006


Death warmed over

I got up at four this morning to make sure I didn't miss the sunrise. Well, I was out there, and I missed it anyway. I drove around in the dark, trying to pick the best places to be when it got lighter, and I saw no sign of sunrise, of the glow in the hills or the touch of warm light on the trees.

Finally, clearly after the sun had risen and I had no new pix in my camera, I went to Pismo and shot some ocean pix, some not bad but when I looked that them later I realized I should have changed various settings. What happens is I get out there and see something I want and I shoot it and then I realize I should have stopped down or opened up the lens or changed the shooting mode or ...

Still, no worry. Not much, anyway. It is only through mistakes that I learn best.

Right now, though, I am as death warmed over. I tried a nap but it didn't take.

Fun with mentos

Among the highlights of our trip to Desert Hot Springs were our attempts to create mentos explosions. I had done a few relatively well at home so I could get the idea and would  bring the right equipment. I brought eight 2-liter bottles of diet soda - different types, plus several packets of mentos and construction paper.

This particular sequence was not the highest. It was the first one that Mary did, after I sent two bottles of soda into the heavens that Mary was unsuccessful in recording on video (on my little digital camera). She herself referred to the videos as resembling the Blair Witch Project. I knew somehow that Mary would be especially good at inserting the mentos into the bottle all at once and I was right. So I readied my better camera to capture it rapidfire:

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