April 15th, 2006



I swim in large part to improve the flexibility of my knees and reduce the pain there. For the first several weeks I was not sure either of these goals would be achieved, but they have been. I walk more easily and with less pain.

However. After swimming I tend to limp. I am a bit fragile. If I swim again the next day my joints stiffen up. Not as much as they did before I began swimming, but I notice it, particularly when I get up the next morning.

If I take a day off swimming, or two, my knees feel better and I can do more without pain.

So. I need to swim to gain this benefit but I only get the benefit when I am having a rest day. Generally speaking. When I was in Las Vegas I did not swim at all all week. I did very well with my knees that whole time.


Yesterday I mailed in my federal tax return for 2005. Thursday I mailed the state return. This is a hell of a turn for me.

For several years I simply didn't get the taxes done at all. The year before last I employed an accountant to bring me up to date, and last year I had him to the 2004 returns. Both times he filed for extensions and got them done later than April 15.This year I threw caution to the winds and said I'd go back to doing them myself. I was soured by the incredible cost of having someone else do them.

So I'm proud. Just not as amazed at myself as I think I should be.