April 10th, 2006


(no subject)

I've been getting stomach aches lately. I went to a clinic yesterday and found that they may be acid problems - probably from use of excedrin for all the headaches I've had lately - or they may be from diverticulitis, in which case antibiotics would be necessary. To start, I am taking Prilosec to see how that works. And I got some samples of a headache medicine while I was there, which I had the opportunity to try out this morning on yet another headache. It seemed to work. The clinic is supposed to call to schedule an upper GI test to confirm or deny stomach issues. If that is too expensive, though, I may have to say no. I am wondering how I will pay next month's car payment right now, not to mention several other bills. If the Prilosec works in a few days it may be safe to assume that it isn't diverticulitis.

Every time I go to the clinic I think about other ways I might have spent that money! Like on a new camera - I broke mine the other day, beyond repair (I tried two shops). I also think that I'm still paying less per month than I would be paying for individual health insurance. On that score I realize I've been lucky.

I hope I can find a group plan that I can join. Or maybe move to Canada.