March 27th, 2006


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I have played over 2,000 games of FreeCell on my computer, this computer. I stop playing after only one or two games at a time. Years ago a coworker in SLO, an unusually beautiful woman who once did something called "tea modeling" or something like that, confessed to me that she would stay up late at night playing game after game, until the wee hours. Hundreds of games in a night.

I don' t have the addiction to FreeCell that I have with the sims, but I probably play FreeCell every day. Every day. Just one game, maybe, but every day.That adds up about right.

I sometimes think of this woman, M, who lives in the country club area of town with a husband who is some kind of ass who makes good money. Not good enough money, though. She also confessed to me a tendency toward clutter and disorganization in her large, expensive home. Because there is so much room in it, she is able to hide it, barely, this tendency. I went in there years ago and vaguely remember this but not the details.

Is there a relationship between addiction to games and a tendency toward clutter? I think someone should study this.


I woke with a mild migraine headache this morning. I took some excedrin pm and went to work. But it resurfaced, worse, so I took some pain aid there at work. Had no effect. So I went home at about ten. I was feeling nauseous. When I got home I went to bed and managed to sleep, after a fashion. I still have the headache now.