March 14th, 2006


Sims thoughts

I do go "off" the sims now and then. Times when I am not interested. It seems that most of my interest comes from experimenting, finding out things or trying to achieve some particular thing. At times I enjoy creating houses - I get ideas about them and try out these ideas. There are significant limitations in the program but a lot of hackers have found ways around the limits. I don't do the degree of experimentation in this department that some others do, but I think some of my homes are highly unusual. I also have created - colored, really - clothing and hair, finding out how to do that. And I have created many sims that look like real people.

It's a game and sims are not real. In some senses they act uncannily like humans, and I think this is what makes some of us "see" little pluses and minuses above real people's heads at times, and why at times I think about my "social bar" or "energy bar" - whether it is filled up or needs filling.

I would love to see sims that are more intelligent. I have seen that sims that reach a high level of competence in a certain subject will spontaneously use that skill sometimes. For example, a sim with high levels of mechanical ability repaired a broken computer without being told. These are things I find interesting and I love discovering them. I have been irritated at the selfishness of sims. If their fundamental needs are met - they are housed, have eaten, have enough sleep - then I feel they should take care of others, like babies, even if they haven't had enough "fun" or if their aspirations for bigger and better things have not been met. But the needs tend to be all equal in this respect. If they are lacking in some then they tend to lose their ability to take care of the slightest things.

I suspect that I am not the only one who likes to see them get into fights at times. This must be why the sim creators added greater "furiousness" to sims in one of the expansion packs. They stay mad longer and they fight more easily. Sometimes I just make it happen, like the time I had Don Lothario invite all of his conquests to his house for a party and then flirt with every one. By the end of the evening they all had slapped him silly. Loved it, loved it.

All this aside, I can walk away! I'm not addicted! Really!! heh...

Crunchy risotto and wine

I have to take these steroids with food. Tonight i decided to make up a box of mushroom risotto and have some wine. I got a little distracted and the rice burned a bit when I was sauteeing it. I decided to go ahead and finish the dish, burned or not. And yeah, it tasted good! The burned parts made it crunchy and added that bit of carbon you don't always get with risotto.

I can't quite describe what a pleasure it has been to eat this crunchy risotto with a glass or two of red wine. Somehow it relaxed me and made me happy.

I was tense yesterday. I still had a bit of a headache, and I wasn't fully prepared for last night's rehearsal and I just wanted the day to be over. Today it was over. I had the freedom to let my hair down. Turned out a person - me - who goes to bed at midnight and wakes at five - might not be all that awake when that person comes home in the afternoon. I lay down to nap, ignored what I intended to do, felt slightly headachey still. Then I got up and had the crunchy risotto and wine and all is well. Funny how that can be.