March 1st, 2006


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I was so tired yesterday. I got up tired, went to work tired, went swimming tired, went to Dorothy's tired. When I got home I wanted to go to bed but got a phone call and got interested in a movie on the television. I felt groggy and like I had an emerging headache. I did turn in at about nine, after taking two tylenol pms. It was the right thing to do. I woke up at about six this morning, really rested. No headache, no aching eyes.

Today I will forgo swimming and try to make some progress on papers. I have been entering stuff into Quicken and have much more to do that way, but today I will try to track down tax info so I can get the IRS off my back.

Things breaking

Yesterday I discovered that a plug in my kitchen went bad. It's one that was installed by my sister and her partner, and is a gfi-type plug, for safety. I tried resetting it, using the little button on the plug, but to no avail. I need to replace that plug and am debating whether to get the good kind (GFI) or just a plain one, as was there before. It's an old home with no 240-watt service available, and I hope to trash the entire place within a year, so I think I'll go with plain jane.

The heater is not turning on. I had major parts replaced a couple of years ago, but not everything. I hear the thermostat click, suggesting that that item is okay, but the heater does not whir into action. I am thinking I'll just ignore this. I can't afford to have someone come out to look at it and the climate here is such that I can just bundle up and I'll be fine. Paul doesn't seem to feel cold as much as I do, so I won't worry about him.

If I were a person who believed in fate, I'd say these were indicators that it's time to move on to another home. I don't think I really need to think of it as "fate", though, to draw that conclusion.

One down

I bought a new plug on my way home from work today and installed it just now. And it works. So that's cleared up. The coffee pot is back where it belongs.