February 13th, 2006


significant knee pain

I don't know what I did yesterday but my knee is in a bad way today. It took me fifteen minutes to get my sock and shoe on my left foot. I couldn't get in the car to go to work. I have been in tears.

The pain is mostly on the inner side of the knee, so that when I move the knee a little it causes a sharp pain. I tried walking around the block to see if it loosened up but it did no good.

I called work and said I couldn't get into the car. I was crying. I followed up with an email to Carolyn, saying I might be able to get in the passenger side and Paul can drive me or I can work from home. At this point I am thinking working from home is the better bet. I'd have to take the elevator to my office and I can imagine the sympathy of others,  and I don't want to see that.

I have taken two arthritis pills, but they don't seem to have done any good. The knee is swollen more than usual. I am thinking that I will recover by taking more antiinflammatories and resting. And eating those foods that don't increase inflammation.

As usual, I am  simply chronicling here. I did those flip turns yesterday and may have done one or more in such a way that it irritated something. I didn't notice anything at the time but perhaps it would take time to develop. I had a pedicure later in the afternoon and I was "normal" then, too. It was only in the later afternoon that it hit me.I hope that by noting these circumstances I might eventually find patterns.


My knee isn't all the way back to its normal irregularity but it isn't as bad as it was earliler. I passed on tonight's rehearsal nevertheless, wanting the extra rest, not needing the walking, sitting, standing. I am relieved. It was really bad.