January 29th, 2006


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I forgot my swim goggles today. I didn't want to drive home for them so I toughed it out. The pool is well-maintained so I didn't experience a lot of irritation while in there, although everything was fuzzy. There was something a bit funny about that. I tend to prefer the far lane, farthest from the entry, because it seems more "private", more my own. Not being able to see well gave me something of the same feeling, like I was alone, even though of course I wasn't. I just couldn't see the weird contortions other swimmers make with their bodies under water, so I was less aware of them.

When I got out of the pool my eyes were seriously bloodshot, of course, and it took a while for them to feel normal again. I think I need a backup pair of goggles.

One reason I didn't want to go home again is that I had an appointment to have my new xm radio installed in my car at eleven. I swam, cleaned up, then went directly to the appointment at Best Buy. My radio is now installed and activated and I am listening to it online now. That is a feature I didn't realize I would have, a part of the subscription. They don't offer all of the stations available on the car radio but it's not bad. Ah, my materialistic world.