January 24th, 2006


Tired tired

Last night I stayed up quite a while after returning from our first rehearsal of the Bach. So now I'm tired.

The rehearsal reminded me how much I love the b-minor mass. I want everyone to hear it, just as I did the last time. There were several people waiting to audition, and some folks who returned after absences. It's going to be a good-sized crowd on the risers. And we're going to sing it even better than the last time.

(no subject)

I've had two glasses of wine and I've played with my free-will sim family for a while, and have posted an episode in their pathetic lives,and now I feel a little fuzzy and I remember that my nightgown is in the laundry...so I think I will betake myself to me bed, without clothing, and thus feel the texture of the sheets upon my skin...and hope it's warm enough.