January 15th, 2006


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Not a really busy day but I got up really early and now I'm tired again.

King Kong...well..huh...I may not be a good person to evaluate it because it isn't the type film I normally want to see. Then again, I'm capable of enjoying things that are off my usual radar. It's about 45 minutes too long. There are details that take over large parts of the film and do not advance the plot. Naomi Watts is beautiful and her dresses are wonderful. I could hardly keep my eyes off them. There was too much anthropomorphism for my taste, even considering how close primates are to each other. I enjoyed Jack Black.

Not a cohesive, well-thought out review, but what the heck. A question: Naomi Watts' makeup and clothing go through several types of hell yet stay nearly perfectly intact. Is this deliberate because of the era - something of a throwback to 1930s films?