January 6th, 2006


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There are some things to like about working here.

Personally, I have a good job in that I manage my own work, decide what to do when, within reasonable limits. I also don't get interrupted much.

More broadly, I like that Carolyn is so thoughtful and giving. She is spearheading a move to collect money from the rest of us (and herself) to get a redwood tree planted near a park where Mike's father lived - Mike is a planner here, and his father died at the end of last year from cancer - with a memorial plaque in his honor. I love this kind of tribute.

And she also headed up the department's collection of food for the food bank to the astonishing tune of something like 3,000 food items. We really outdid ourselves and the food bank is never going to forget that the city of PB employees contributed over 1,000 pounds of food in December.

And she cares about the employees here, tries to get them to the top of the scale, to reasonable rates. She has gone to bat for me and others, even when we haven't tried to upgrade our pay ourselves.

Carolyn is really why I work here.

End of the television saga

Today, after swimming, I trekked down to Santa Maria to the Sears there. They didn't have the television I wanted, not even a floor model. On my way back to the SLO Sears I stopped at K-Mart (waste of time; throw-away televisions) and Gottschalks (they no longer carry electronics). I reluctantly went back to the SLO Sears to look at the floor model.

This time I met Alex.  He actually words in the electronics section (unlike the guy last night, who does appliances) and he actually knows what he's doing. When I mentioned that the television had been on the floor for at least a year he said "Who told you that??" I told him the appliance guy had. He said he had brought it out himself from the warehouse just a week before. I believed him. I bought it. He helped me load up the Vibe - I had to do this in a hurry so I could get the car back to the rental place and pick up my baby car from the shop.

The television is in my living room and hooked up and I love it. I am so glad I got it, and hope I continue to feel this way.

How silly to get so worked up about a television. Sometimes it really doesn't make that much sense to put so much of my time into the research and hunting and so on for an item that is not really that big ticket. But still, I feel pleased, like a down-and-dirty bargain hunter.

So now I have my car back and a new television. I could spend the weekend vegging.  I could do that.