December 23rd, 2005


(no subject)

Las Vegas. I checked out of Green Valley Ranch Resort today. Would have loved to stay another day, but they didn't have any rooms available and if they had they would not have been at such great rates. It was a nice place to stay and if I can get a good deal again I am likely to stay there again.

I made my way to Elaine's after picking up some odds and ends, and finished wrapping gifts. The last two gifts arrived by mail yesterday at Elaine's place. So I'm feeling good about that being done. Elaine and Ed went off to have lunch with Mimi while I wrapped. Mary just called to say she found a place in the District - on her lunch hour - that has sweet potato fries.  I don't usually pass those up if they are anywhere in the vicinity, so I may go get some when I feel stronger.

I reserved today for resting up. I exhausted myself yesterday and my knees in particular are letting me know about it. I helped Mary pack some of the stuff still left in her house and we brought it to her new place. Today I am  thinking she may be doing the rest by herself. Or else I will sit and watch.