December 15th, 2005


Tape players are hard to find

I discovered this week that cassette tape players are going the way of the turntable. They can be found in children's toys and as professional tape decks and some personal audio equipment (walkman type) but otherwise they are not out there. The reason I went searching is that I no longer have a functioning tape player but I have several tapes of chorale performances. I wanted to check them out. And then I thought it would be good if I could transfer the music to CD.

I looked at the Goodwill Outlet near my home yesterday and found exactly one instrument that had cassette players included. I plugged it in and found a tape to put in it to test it and no sound came out. Can't quite trust that. I will check other thrift stores, though. I think that's the most likely source right now. Even ebay had almost nothing.

Oh, and speaking of chorale performances, this is what we are doing this Saturday: