November 10th, 2005



I am having a headache. I think it will go away but right now it is lurking there, a bit in the background (as opposed to earlier, when it was really there up front).

Last night we had dinner, a simple one, at E&E's place, and I had some wine, not that much, and we played games afterwards. It was fun and so normal! Something is going right here.

The hotel charges ten bucks a day for internet access. Very annoying.

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We are staying at the Henderson Fiesta Hotel and Casino. It is a small casino, by Vegas standards, even small by "local casino" standards. It is possible to cruise the place in a matter of a few minutes. There are three restaurants and a buffet - the buffet doesn't open until 11 in the morning - a couple of bars, a few meeting rooms on the mezzanine, and the usual array of slots and tables. No little starbucks kiosk or movie theater here.  However, there is construction going on next door and I'm guessing these things will be included in that.

It's possible to see just about everything in this casino by a trek around the big room, because the bars and restaurants are mostly open and set a little above the main floor. You can look into them to see who is there. I rather like that for the ease of finding people. I don't know if people having drinks would like it so much. Mary said she used to come to the main bar after work when she first came to LV. I guess it's a friendly place to hang out.

Today breakfast with Elaine, more origami flowers - Elaine found a perfect type and I learned how to make it yesterday, and made several, but she already had made dozens, really a lot. Late this aft, after Mary gets off work, we'll converge on the multigen center for swimming and whatever else. I think the swimming is what I should do while here. Lap swimming is good, of course, for those with arthritis, and I manage to remember the basic freestyle stroke. In fact, the guy at the center watched me and said I have a "nice stroke". The first time anyone has ever said that to me - except for Mary, who said the same thing a few minutes earlier. I think the reason is that I have formerly been in classes or on a team where I was compared to real swimmers. Now I am being compared to just about anyone who gets in the water.

Off for breakfast with the daughter.