November 9th, 2005


Again in LV

I'm in Las Vegas again, at the Fiesta Henderson hotel. An average room on the ninth floor, two queen beds, a slowish toilet, coffee maker, and internet access. The Internet is available two ways - by cable and wireless. But the wireless requires a password which is obtained by paying. How ridiculous. But anyway, clean and available.

I'm going to meet Mary at the multigen center at seven, and go swimming. Maybe do a little time on the bike first. Then I'll come back here and think a little, maybe work on the novel. I meet E & E for origami this aft. No specific time arranged yet.

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Nowhere on the novel. About 5500 words so far, way way behind. Why does it not worry me? I hope not because I have simply given up.

what I am seeing now is pieces. Stuff that might be part of a novel some day but surely isn't now. It's the same with the last one I wrote. This does not discourage me, because what I see is that it is missing the details. There is a lot I can do to fill in the gaps and make it more interesting. Whether I do this now or later really does not matter.

The difference this time is that I am drawing from my own life, my childhood. I have changed a number of things but I can draw on the feelings from then, and that, I think, is what matters. It's boring right now but it has more potential.