October 28th, 2005


In and out and down and up and...

I left for Las Vegas after work Tuesday. Actually, I stopped at Lili Clever's and bought Elaine a pair of earrings first, then tried to get gas - but the door to the gas tank wouldn't open so I ended up at the Honda dealer for a few minutes - and then got on the road. I landed in LV at about 9:00, maybe a wee bit earlier.

Mary is staying in a house that has been sold but whose new owner is not in the city for a couple of months, so she is renting it for less than a normal rent for such a large house. It's a three-bedroom two-bathroom house with a living room plus a "great room" - I am sure that's what they call the second living room - and a big kitchen and a dining room...and a three-car garage, on a large lot. This house sold for $330,000 not long ago. LV has some ways to go before it catches up with almost anywhere in California in terms of real estate sales prices.

Mary does not have cable and her computer is not yet hooked up. I was unable to get online there through my cell phone, so I toughed out the two nights there without internet access. The wedding was yesterday - and lovely that it was, it was exhausting just getting there and back, mainly because of the traffic - and I landed in Elaine's and Ed's apartment quite late, after having dinner with Mary and Joey, who were also ready to crash. More later on the day, yesterday, too tired now.

I didn't even try to get online at E&E's place until this morning. And I couldn't connect. I had been unable to reach the two lovebirds because they have been camping in the Valley of Fire and I happened to have Elaine's cell phone with me (accidentally). The one time I tried to reach Ed, to tell him elaine's purse was safe and her cell phone was in it, I didn't get through to him. So I was glad when he called later and I learned that their network is secure and requires a key. And that I could go ahead and use their computers!

So now, many hours later, I finally have the network key and have gotten online here through my own computer. I got through the accumulated email earlier today.

It's still just sinking in. Not only do I have a married daughter but I now have a son-in-law.

Some pictures later of "the children", as Ed's mom Mimi refers to them. Pictures and words and thoughts.  Too tired now.

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Friday, October 28

I am in elaine’s and ed’s apartment, alone. I have yet to get online here. Mary does not have cable or a phone line, my cell phone won’t connect, and E&E’s wireless setup does not seem to want to include me. Otherwise!

The biggest thing for me is that I keep having thoughts that I want to write down in my journal and I can’t get online – but I can write them this way, upload later.

There is also the matter of wanting to get email and check with work to see if there is anything I can help with…but no…

Surely there is a place around here that has free wireless action, but I don’t know where. Now I can see how useful it would be to have one of those little gadgets that detects wireless networks and lets you know their status, without having your computer on.

I also notice I did not bring my cable or card reader for my camera so I can’t upload the pix I took yesterday. Doing well.

The wedding was yesterday! And it was exhausting. Not the wedding itself, but getting ready and getting there.

Mary and joey showed up and now Joey and I are here alone, Mary’s gone to work.

Joey and I are creating things with a construction set I got from Ikea. A very cool set, although a teeny bit beyond Joey’s ability to do completely alone. Much he can do, though, and the more he plays with it the better he’ll get. Now I wish I had bought two of them.

Yesterday morning Mary and I woke early. We wanted to go to the mall to get our makeup done at a makeup counter, and were hoping one of them would open at nine.