October 4th, 2005

Super Sim

Oh no, not another nap!

I slept almost not at all last night. Physically i was uncomfortable in a lot of little ways, no big ways, and mentally I was unable to settle myself. I even got to thinking about sims plans - what to do with what sim - when I ran out of real things to worry about. So at about three I took a hot shower and then hot bath and tried again, and finally I got in maybe two hours. So I'm not all there today. I'm surprised I'm holding up as well as I am. But I figure there's another afternoon nap in my future.

Tonight maybe

I came home after stopping at Trader joe's for a few things. I tried to sleep a bit but didn't. Instead I futzed around. I don't think I did anything useful. Answered a few emails.

Tonight I am going to see Bullitt at the Fremont theater with Paul, in a few minutes. I'm thinking I might sleep tonight.