September 11th, 2005


feng shui kitties

Last night I decided to reverse the direction I sleep. North instead of south. Easy for me because I don't have a headbaord. I just had to move the sheets around. To keep the energy in the room, as recommended by the wimps book, I closed the door. Both cats were on the bed.

All was relatively well until about three a.m., when both cats decided it was time to be getting up. Bullet nipped at my nose and hands and Stretch pawed at my blanket. This went on for a while, as I adjusted myself to avoid the assaults. They both did settle again. Finally I did get up.

I can't say that I noticed that I got to sleep easier than usual last night, or slept better. But I will give this the longer try suggested - about 12 weeks.


I threw those last three pix on here just to see what options I had with photobucket. What's frustrating to me is that I can post directly from photobucket only when I just want to have one photo in a post. If I want more than one I have to copy and paste into livejournal. Not that it's so very horrible but of course i want everything to be easier and easier.