August 28th, 2005



Last night I did find the theater. I got there before seven and was directed to the box office, which was open. The theater is on the campus of Hartnell College, a relatively new college from the look of it. I had to hunt down the theater, so got a little tour on my own. The place seemed all but deserted. I had visions of being one of very few seeing this play. BUT. There was a waiting list with 32 names on it. I decided not to chance that.

Instead I found "Old Town" Salinas. A renovated downtown area that shows off many lovely old buildings. It shows some promise but doesn't quite seem to have the life that it could have. There were a couple of spots where college students were hanging out but I saw almost nobody else trekking the streets. Still, cool to see a downtown that would be fun to spend time in. I got a cappuccino and spent ten minutes at a computer in an internet cafe that had a long row of fresh computers, then wandered a bit to check the place out.

Then home. I got home at about ten, after stopping in Atascadero for fries at the IN n' Out. I so rarely have fries, because they are close to being the worse thing on earth to eat, so when I do I want them to be as good as that.

I listened to some good stuff on the Santa Cruz public radio station on the way down, after finding the Air America station in San Jose. So radio wasn't too bad, but I can see why one might want satellite radio. There are such blank stretches. Nothing but Spanish, conservative talk radio, top-forty. I was lucky in the choices I made, and between those I had Glenn Gould.

I'm tired. I went to bed but was restless, was up again at about one for a couple of hours. I had an idea about a transparent house for the sims...which I made.

I went back to bed and woke before seven. I think this will be a sleepy day.


Here I sit in sunny California, temperature 75, hardly a wisp of wind. And not so far away a monster hurricane is approaching New Orleans. I feel a tightness inside because Ed's(Elaine's fiance)  parents live there. They evacuated yesterday but I wonder if they went far enough. And they may lose both of their homes. It's always harder to see these kinds of things when there are people you know who are affected. I can't imagine how Ed is feeling right now.